Dellschau's compete collection of known work was found disguarded in a landfill.  Due to Pete Navarro's persistance he came into possession of 8 of the 12 know books containig Dellschau's drawings. He also was able to spend as much time as he wanted  with the other 4 books.  A total of 2500 drawings.  Once he discovered that Dellschau had hidden his story  in code in the drawings Pete would not rest until he had that story. 

 Today Dellschau's work has become highly acclaimed and pieces are hanging in art museums, galleries and private collectors homes around the world.  One 2-sided page Dellschau drawing brings between $10,000 and $25,000 each. 

Never again will anyone be able to study the complete collection.  Here for the first time is the complete story of the Secrets of Dellschau.

The Art Work
Secrets of Dellschau
The Sonora Aero Club & The Airships of the 1800s