Pete Navarro's Dellschau Sketches

Machinery & Gismos

We were able to use over 100 of Petes
 very descriptive drawings and photos in our book,
Secrets of Dellschau.

As a professional commercial artist Pete was able to use his talent to make mirror copies of individual componants of machinery and mechanical objects as drawn by Dellschau aboard his Aeros.

The first illustration is a blowup from a portion of a black and white photo of one of Dellschau's Aeros Plate #2378 showing an NB gas conversion chamber.

A Comparison

... to this Sketch of the same area from the same Dellschau
drawing by Pete Navarro.

These are featured so that we can illustrate just how exact Dellschau's actual drawing are to Pete's duplications. All of Pete's sketches mirror Dellschau's drawings as well as, if not better than, this comparison.