Secrets of Dellschau
The Sonora Aero Club & The Airships of the 1800s
Related Books
Solving the 1897 Airship Mystery

by Michael Busby

. . . "the 1897 airship mystery may have actually began in 1840s New York and it may have ended in Houston in 1923 with the death of Charles A.A. Dellschau."... From the Intoduction.

Dellschau is featured in this well researched and written book.  No study of Dellschau and the Airship Mysteries is complete without the information Mr. Busby includes in this book.
The Great Texas Airship Mystery

by Wallace O. Chariton

An in depth study of the Texas portion of the Airship Mystery during the Time Dellschau was living in Houston, Texas.  

Mystery Airships in the Sky

by Steven A. Arts
A fun read.  Mr. Arts presents a very entertaning historical journey back to those days when folk say flying machines in the skies where there shouldn't have been.
Ships in the Sky
The Story of the  Great Dirigibles
by John Toland

A very well researched-written account of the early pre-Wright Brothers history of man's quest for flight.

Sky Ships :
A History of the Airship in the United States Navy (Paperback)

by William F. Althoff
A great account of the US Navy's use of lighter-than-air ships over the years.

Dr. Eckener's Dream Machine: The Great Zeppelin and the Dawn of Air Travel

Well researched and detailed account of the history and development of Germany's great Zeppelin's.
Airships in International Affairs 1890-1940
This title has been on my personal wish list for years.  If anyone wants to lend me a copy I'll treat it with kid gloves.  And if you REALLY like me, my birthday is December 15th.

Airship Technology (Cambridge Aerospace Series) (Hardcover)

By G.A. Khoury (Editor), J.D. Gillett (Editor)

The into to this book starts; "This book is intended as a technical guide to those interested in designing, building and flying the airship today.  While aiming towards the future, mention is made - when appropriate - of the experience of earlier years ...